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The Institute of Environmental Engineering and Management at the University of Witten/Herdecke gGmbH (IEEM) unites the academic faculties of "technology" (engineering) and "economics" (including finance) and leads to an applied field of science. As an independent institute connected to the Private University of Witten/Herdecke, without budget from state, IEEM has to make sure that all its activities and projects are solely funded by public and private sponsors. All its work has to be focused on economic reality and technical practicability. The objective of IEEM is to elaborate innovative technical and economic solutions, to support implementation and finally to contribute to a sustainable economy and the protection of environmental resources.

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The Technical University of Dresden (TUD) (Technical University of Dresden) dates back to the Technische Bildungsanstalt Dresden (Technical Seminary of Dresden), founded in 1828 and, thus, ranks among the oldest technical-academic educational establishments in Germany.
The Institute of Waste Management and Contaminated Sites at the Technical University of Dresden was established through the merger of the Chair of Waste Management with the Chair of Contaminated sites. The fusion facilitates the coverage of a wide range of environmental research, which is particularly concerned with scientific, technical and economic issues of waste management and remediation. Interdisciplinary aspects are also incorporated into the training of students.

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The Hanoi University of Science (HUS) is a member of the Vietnam National University, Hanoi. Presently, at the University there are 10 faculties and departments, a number of research institutes and R&D centers, over 100 laboratories, of which many laboratories have reached international standard. The University strongly focuses on fundamental research in the fields of Natural Science, application and R & D activities. Technology transfer has been undertaken to develop science and technology and improve living standards for people.

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The National Economics University (NEU) is the leading university in the field of economics, management and business in Vietnam. NEU has diversified training programs on bachelor, master and PhD education. In all important subjects of economics and business administration, especially in environmental economis and public administration. As a research and consultant centers in the field of economics, management and business in Vietnam, the NEU takes part in advising to the Government on making policies, the business community on business development. Besides degree granting programs, it regularly offers intensive training courses in economics and business administration for economic managers and practitioners nationwide.



The Hanoi University of Civil Engineering (HUCE) is an education and research institution, which provides the education of scientists and technicians at graduate and post- graduate levels in various disciplines of civil engineering. The University is also a scientific and technological research center to bridge the gap of practical production with advanced outcomes of science and technology in the field of civil engineering.