Water Doctoral Network
of Engineering and Management

Project decription

The project, funded by the International Bureau of the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research (IB BMBF), intends to establish a legalized German-Vietnamese university network for doctoral graduation in water engineering and management, the Water Doctoral Network – WDN.

This network shall not be limited to tuition and conferral of doctorates in water sciences, engineering and economics, but serve as nursery for new, innovative research potentials and projects within the inter-national academic co-operation. Trans-disciplinary subjects between management and engineering will convey interdisciplinary expertise in order to cover the whole sector of water and sanitation.

The strengthened fundament for mutual academic and business co-operation shall encourage applied technological and managerial innovations with the potential to promote German export industries as well as the development of local businesses in Vietnam.

The Project may well cover related fields, like regenerative energy, public health, utility management for supply and disposal, environmental infrastructure and services, further more space planning and land use.

Picture of Signing of WDN Agreement at HUS Picture of Signing of WDN Agreement at NEU
Prof. Rudolph (IEEM) und Prof. Cam (HUS)
signing the co-operation agreement in March 2011
Prof. Nam (NEU), Prof. Rudolph (IEEM) and Prof. Cuong
(NEU) after signing the co-operation agreement in March 2011

The first four network partners (see Project partners) to undersign the co-operation agreement were two from Vietnam (HUS and NEU) and two from Germany (TUD and IEEM). TUD and HUS cover the fields of sciences and engineering while IEEM and NEU are responsible for economics and finance. This is the minimum cluster to fulfill the objectives of the Water Doctoral Network of Engineering and Management (WDN).

The network partners will now seek for acknowledgement of the agreement with the responsible ministries and for clarification of internal procedures and capacities to detail curricula and to approve professors, tutors as well as doctoral students within all universities participating the WDN.

There are several more universities invited and interested in joining the agreement, like the partners of the AKIZ research project; first of all, the HUCE from Vietnam, being involved in the elaboration of the WDN from the very beginning. So, the intention of WDN is to expand the agreement and partners network. In case of interest, please contact us.